Dear CASCA Membership,


Ambulatory Surgery Centers are a valuable component of the healthcare delivery system in Colorado and nationally; as evidenced by the increase in utilization of ASCs.  The number of outpatient cases performed nationally in 1997 years ago was approximately 15 million per year; 13 years later in 2010 it increased to just under 29 million per year 2017 is looking to exceed 32 million Along with this increased utilization is an increase in the complexity and acuity of the cases performed in the ASC environment.  We are fortunate that with technology and technique advances our surgeons can perform their cases in a high quality, low cost facility that results in a high satisfaction and experience by our patients.  As the national debate continues on how to increase access to care while also controlling the costs, ASCs are in a great position to highlight our ability to deliver high quality, low cost care.


CASCA is fortunate to have a robust membership that is active throughout the state.  Other special interest groups are powerful, but we are persistent and actively protecting our interests.  Our top-tiered legal counsel, Jim Miles at Husch Blackwell, along with our renowned lobbying team, headed by Diana Protopapa at Frontline Public Affairs, ensure that CASCA has a reputation for aggressively and accurately representing the ASC industry’s interests locally and nationally.


CASCA continues to improve its membership benefits to fit today’s digital world.  CASCA recently migrated to a modern digital platform that is more mobile compatible.  We similarly expanded our capabilities to connect with our rural members via networking and education opportunities through monthly/quarterly webinars. An additional benefit is we are now able offer online registration for events and renewals for members.


Everyone here at CASCA is excited for another blockbuster year!  We would like to thank our Board Members for the time they invest as volunteers.  We would also like to thank our active members for their participation in the our events, workshops and different committees within our association and various regulatory agencies.  Your support and involvement is paramount to a strong trade association. We invite you to get more involved with CASCA, if you are not already, and encourage other facilities and physicians that are not members to join the CASCA community.  When we stand together, our message is very clear and strong to make sure that “Our patients come first.”


Thank you for being a part of the CASCA community!

Jeanne Desautels                              Chris Skagen, JD
CASCA President                              Executive Director
United Surgical Partners, Intl.       CASCA