Members Blog Information

Members Blog Information


How to get to the Admin section:

  • Once logged in, you will be at the main “Members Only” page.
  • At the upper left you’ll see your username.  Place the mouse over your username and this will bring up a dropdown list.  In the dropdown, click on “Dashboard”.  This brings up the Admin Section, within which you can change your profile information, add new blog posts, and modify or delete any of your existing blog posts.
  • To return to the front end of the website, you can click on “” at the upper left of any admin screen.
To change your password

  • Go to the Admin section
  • Click on “Profile” in the left menu
  • This brings up the your profile screen, where a number of fields including email and password can be changed.
  • Click on “Update Profile” at the bottom to save the changes.
To add a new post: 

  • Go to the Admin section
  • Click on “Posts” in the left menu, then below “Posts” click on “Add New”
  • This brings up the Edit Post screen.
    • Click on the “Visual” tab if it’s not already selected.
    • Enter a title for the post in the top box, and the post text in the main box. You can use the edit icons to style the text, change font sizes and colors, insert images, etc.
    • To add images or links to documents, use the icons next to “Upload/Insert” above the main edit box.
    • Category: In the “Categories” section on the right, there is only one category, Members Blog. Member posts will default to this category. Additional subcategories can be added by the admin if there is a need to split the blog into separate topics.
    • Click the blue “Publish” button to save the post.

You can add/edit/delete your own posts.

  • In the Admin section, click on “Posts” in the left menu and this will bring up a list of your posts
  • Clicking on a post title will open it for editing
  • Clicking on “Trash” will delete it
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